For Sale

Fresh Free Range Eggs at $3.00 per dozen:

*  Providing you with fresh, brown shelled, free range chicken eggs. 

*  Good source of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

*  Hens eating non-GMO feed, plants and bugs which makes for good, orange colored yokes in their eggs.

*  Call ahead to make sure they are available.

Muscovy Ducks for $15.00 each or $25/pair

They are sold in late Fall into Winter on first come, first served basis.

Pullets (young hens) for egg laying are $15 each

Free Range Roosters for $5.00 each

*  The Roosters and Ducks roam freely on our farm (except in winter when the chickens are in a shelter and offered alfalfa and Non-GMO feed to eat).

*  The Pullets roam freely on our farm (except in winter when they are sheltered and offered Non-GMO feed to eat)

*  You may buy live roosters or ducks.

Call at least 24 hours in advance

Farm Tours for $10.00 per family:

*  An inexpensive day trip/mini-vacation.

*  Teach your children where their food comes from.

        -  Learn how corn is grown and harvested

        -   Learn how the animals live.

        -   Get close to the animals.        -

        -   Learn how soybeans are grown and harvested.

*  You may bring a picnic lunch to eat outdoors while watching the animals roam.

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For your family's well-being