Browni - Mother of beagle puppies.  Dark brown and white markings.
Sophi - Mother of beagle puppies.  Tri-color markings.
Betty - Mother of beagle puppies.  Tri-color markings.
Maxi - Mother of beagle puppies.  Tri-color markings.
Trigger - Tri colored father of Maxi and Sophi's pups

In the southwest corner of Minnesota rests a small family farm that has been "in the family" since the early 1930's. After having raised mostly corn and soybeans over the years, we've decided to be more diversified in the way we live. We've started by raising some animals for companionship and some for food.

Want to learn more about where your food comes from and how it's grown?  Come for a visit or a tour (by appointment only).

You can come to our farm to pick out the animals you want to purchase.  We don't do any butchering but if you want to do it let us know at least 2 weeks in advance and we will try to provide an area for you to do it.

Barney - Father of Betty and Barbie's pups.
Muscovy Ducks

Several breeds of chickens

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What to Expect

A sense of being at your good friend's house.

You can expect a warm and friendly atmosphere.



You shouldn't have to wonder if we're trying to hide anything.  You'll hear the truth from us.


"Aim to please" attitude.

Our goal is to make your time and/or transactions with us as close to "painless" as possible.

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